Just to give you some context, I’m a human being that has been working in the creative industry for almost 14 years, and again everything started with a late rediscovered passion, also we can call it temporal enjoyment. Yes, as many people out there I didn’t know what I wanted to do after finishing school.

It was through multiple experiences, jobs and researching different options that I found myself enjoying design and ideation. I always been curious about technology so while in a programing course, I learned how fun and creative was to design simple interfaces with primitive digital tools circa 2001 that could help the user to interact with that program to achieve a desired outcome — this is what I still doing nowadays, researching, thinking, creating and solving communication challenges, like I was doing when I was a child, drawing and imagining new worlds and realities (yes I know, some projects are not that dreamy and free as a playground, but we need some poetry in our lives, right?).

Hi! This is the one writing here.

As a result of that discovering while learning C++, I decided to look for design schools in my hometown Valencia. I failed trying to access the Product Design degree so I turned my eyes into Visual Design. Indeed, was a great decision, as a result I completed my studies in London and it’s been my career so far. Although before that, tried the telecommunications field, with good and not that great results.

This short tale that I’m trying to explain while I’m writing, is a way to illustrate how through a discovering process, fails and some success it’s possible to keep evolving and reach certain goals, even those goals are not very defined, will help us to follow our passion or passions. Because we are multiple passions and interests animals, in my opinion a designer can’t be only passionate about crafted visuals, but this is another story.

I enjoy writing and telling stories too, maybe I’m a not a common designer but I think today we have a very easy way to share content with others and this is the only excuse I need, I’ll try to keep this blog going with more interesting stories about design and creativity, but this was just a presentation letter and a warming out situation.

Design maybe is just and an excuse to learn and do new things.